Warranty of the Dehumidifier and Leader of Integrated Innovation. The Company can provide services support to any dehumidifiers, regardless of the brands and types. We have a service hotline available 24 hours we have a team of experts to provide consultation, for the complaint investigations and maintenance, which can provide at any time, with the maximum customer satisfaction. Call. 02-901-6928

1.The date of completion is advance estimation but the actual time each repair will be depending on the difficulty of the job. It may be earlier than the estimate; you can enquire of all our service technicians.
2.If the repair is not completed within 10-15 days, there is a demo to be used as replacement * Some Models
3.After repair or troubleshoot of the malfunction of the machine is completed, if the problem reoccurred within three months, the repair is free! (Only customers who bought Dehumidifier with the company).